Envision Guy In Boat


The problem: contact lens ads can easily be boring, scroll-past-fast generic. 
We created a video clip to capture - and keep - clients' attention by strategically employing creative exaggeration. They are drawn into a scene where their pains are exaggerated...and understood. The image of someone putting in contact lenses at a busy intersection makes prospects stop and look - and then feel that Envision gets it. They relate emotionally to the experience of juggling a million things...and still having to remember to restock on contact lenses. The tagline relates to the scene in a sharp and memorable way, and the body copy conveys Envision's differentiator - concierge contact lens service - and the releif that comes with it.

Market Research

Intensive market research showed that the contact lens industry is flooded with the same generic advertisement: stock photo of a lens and a mockup of a branded box, signifying delivery. All contact lens companies offer the same products and services, leaving little room for differentiation.
But Envision is different. Anyone who's been there can testify that the service is exemplary; and to capture new clients, standing out in the crowded market and showcasing their incredible service is imperative.


Sky Media coordinated an on-location photoshoot, sourcing the studio, model, and scenes needed to carry out the vision. Shots captured the model putting in contact lenses at time-sensitive, unusual moments to capture attention and drive home the message. The model and lenses were then displayed in full-color on a grayscale background, playing on the vision element of contact lenses.


A catchy tagline relating to the scene captures readers' attention and creates a memorable message in prospects' minds. Engaging body copy showcases the unique solutions that Envision offers its customers.